started its life back in 1999 as 1 of the first 4 Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Engines. Since then times have changed where the large search engines have gained an overwhelming market share of the PPC market as well as the overall market share of search itself. This has caused many large, very well-known search engines, as well as the majority of smaller search engines to pull their search results from some or all of the BIG 3 search engines. A few of these aggregate search engines have also enjoyed moderate success by giving users results from a few sources thus increasing the odds of them finding what they are searching for The BIG 3" keep getting bigger and bigger by indexing more and more context almost to the extent of making it more difficult to find what one is looking for. This dilemma opens the door to specialty search engines focusing on specific niches. These specialty search engines have found moderate success by allowing users to only search the particular categories they are interested in, thus cutting back on the sheer amount of information indexed by the major engines.');